Financial Assistance Policy

If SurgCenter Dunedin believes that you have health insurance and/or HMO coverage(s) that may cover some or all of the Services, SurgCenter Dunedin may initiate contact with them to determine your cost-sharing responsibilities for SurgCenter Dunedin’s bill. You may contact them directly as well for additional information concerning your cost-sharing responsibilities. If SurgCenter Dunedin determines that you have cost-sharing responsibilities for SurgCenter Dunedin’s bill, in accordance with SurgCenter Dunedin’s financial assistance policies, you will be required to pay your cost-sharing responsibilities in full on or before the date that Services are provided. SurgCenter Dunedin’s financial assistance policies are that if you are unable to pay your cost-sharing responsibilities in full on or before the date that Services are provided, because you believe you are medically indigent or you are not covered by any health insurance or HMO, then upon request SurgCenter Dunedin, in its sole discretion, may offer you a discount on the amount due and/or offer a payment plan. Any such discount is considered by SurgCenter Dunedin to be “charity care.” There is no formal application process for obtaining “charity care” at SurgCenter Dunedin. SurgCenter Dunedin’s standard collection policy is to produce and send one or more bills to patients for their cost sharing amount.

Good Faith Estimate

Upon your request, and before the provision of non-emergency care at SurgCenter Dunedin, you can receive a good faith estimate of anticipated charges for the treatment of your condition at SurgCenter Dunedin. This estimate must be provided to you within seven (7) days of the request being received by SurgCenter Dunedin. You should contact your insurer or health maintenance organization regarding your cost-sharing responsibilities. You may request and obtain a Good Faith Estimate by calling SurgCenter Dunedin at 727-733-4610. 

Itemized Bill

Upon request and after discharge from SurgCenter Dunedin we will provide a statement within 7 working days of your request. 

Provider Disclosure

Services may be provided in this health care facility by SurgCenter Dunedin as well as by other health care providers who may separately bill the patient and who may or may not participate with the same health insurers or health maintenance organizations as SurgCenter Dunedin.  You may request a more personalized estimate of charges from these other health care providers by contacting the health care providers directly. SurgCenter Dunedin may contract with providers for pathology and anesthesiology services; these services are billed separately from SurgCenter Dunedin for their services.  You may contact these providers through their contact information provided below.

SurgCenter Dunedin Providers

Patient Health Record

Upon request and after discharge from SurgCenter Dunedin, SurgCenter Dunedin will make available the patient record that may be necessary for verification of the accuracy of your patient statement within 10 working days of your request.

Link to Healthcare Related Data

Pursuant to AHCA Statute: s.405.05,F.S. please find here a link to data, quality measures, and statistics that are disseminated by AHCA.